Rental Disclaimers

Hello Owners! I presume you’re here to get your SPOT rented more? You were right to come to the guru for advice!

In this post, we’ll discuss “Rental Disclaimers.” You’ll learn what you should (and more importantly, what you shouldn’t) put in this section of your listing as it’s often the place renters go to decide if they want to reserve your SPOT or not.

Also referred to as restrictions, rental disclaimers serve as a “heads up” about your listing to prospective renters. This is the place where you say your SPOT isn’t able to accommodate trucks or SUVs, or that it requires a clicker or pass to access. There is a list of options from which you can chose things that apply to your SPOT; there’s also the option to add in your own disclaimer if you’ve got something more specific to add!

What’s so important about this section is that renters can see it BEFORE booking your SPOT. It’s like a snapshot of your listing, giving renters a quick sense of what they’re booking. Here are the best ways to use the rental disclaimers section:

  1. Overnight Hours – You can list that your SPOT is only available overnight.
  2. Booking In Advance – Renters are able to book SPOTs without any notice given, however by noting t”Need at least 24  hours notice” you’ll have some time to prepare your SPOT and ensure that other cars won’t be in it.
  3. What if you don’t have any disclaimers? If you’re disclaimer free, lucky you! You’re never required to put restrictions on your SPOT, but you can use this section to “advertise” your listing. Some examples of this are:
    1. Mentioning Local Attractions: “Close to airport,” “Short walk to Fenway,” “Located just minutes from XYZ restaurant,” etc.
    2. Entice Renters: “Easy in and out access,” “Well lit at night,” etc.

There’s a lot you can do with this section that’ll help you boost your listing and appeal to renters. On the flip side, there are definitely things that shouldn’t be put in the Rental Disclaimers…

  1. Your Home Address – This is purely to protect your own privacy
  2. How To Get To The SPOT – This should be entered in your “Parking Instructions” section, not Rental Disclaimers. Renters can only see this after they’ve booked your SPOT.
  3. “Only Looking For Long Term Parking” – Although SPOT does allow Renters to make reservations for multiple months, and there are plenty of users out there looking for this, we don’t suggest putting this as a Rental Disclaimer. Renters tend to overlook listings that require multiple months be booked up front – committing to 6 months of parking is much different than snagging a SPOT for a 2 hour yoga class.

If you’re still confused about what you should, or should not, put in this section, think of your SPOT like a Lego set (I promise I’m going somewhere with this). Rental disclaimers are the packaging on a Lego set. It advertises the set to the consumer, and allows them to decide if it’s something they’d like. However, the consumer doesn’t get the materials and instruction booklet until after they’ve bought the set and opened the box. We want to allow owners to let renters know any pertinent details, while still keeping key information like directions, hidden until after booking!

I hope that this helps you out a little more! As always, you can email me directly at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding this or any other topic! ALSO, if you’ve got a topic you’d like to see covered in Brandon’s Best Practices, please just let me know! I want to make sure our owners are as well informed as possible! We’re so happy to have you on the platform and thanks for helping everyone #ParkEasier!



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