Bostinno’s Tech Madness

January 12, 2017 - 1 minute read

Spring is rounding the corner fast! And with Spring comes the BostInno Tech Madness competition.

And we have our eyes set on the prize.200-14

First up, what is BostInno’s Tech Madness?

Every Spring, BostInno gathers hundreds of Startups in the Boston innovation hub to compete in an NCAA March Madness-style bracket. 64 tech companies are selected at a bracket reveal party with the city’s top tech influencers, which kicks off a month of online voting. The favorite companies with the most votes will advance to the championship! There is no real prize except knowing that voters believe your company.

How do you vote?

Vote on the company that you believe will be the most valuable local tech company in 5 years! Nominations close February 7th. Voting then opens March 14th at the Bracket Reveal Blowout party.

Why should SPOT get your vote?

SPOT is part of the fast growing sharing economy companies. And we aim to work for you to solve a serious problem that plagues our beautiful city: parking! The company is adding parking supply for the public to use, but also helping communities to earn some additional income.

And we are friends right? We can count on your vote? yes??

We want the rose, give us the rose!

We want the rose, give us the rose!

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