Messaging has been a part of the app for a while now, but we’re continually updating things to make using the SPOT app as easy as possible for you! With notifications and real time chatting, we hope messaging in the app makes your SPOT experience the best it can be!

Owners to Renters:

Owners can message a renter of their SPOT anytime after the purchase has been made. As an owner you can reach out to renters to warn them about something like a tree branch that hangs over the space or in the event of something more serious such as the SPOT being rented during a time it was unavailable. Of course you should also message Team SPOT to give us a heads up of anything that may impact the completion of the transaction.

Renters to Owners:

Renters can message owners to ask questions about the particular SPOT or it’s availability. Need to stay an extra hour on Tuesday nights? Ask the owner, and work out the details. You can also get in touch with the owner if you’re having trouble finding the space as obviously the owner of the SPOT would know better than anyone! Again, if you’ve got any sort of concern, please feel free to also reach out to Team SPOT!

Messages Full

Message Notifications:

You’ll now receive notifications for any new messages you receive, but be sure to have notifications enabled in your iPhone’s settings. No more guesswork or checking in required.

Timing Notifications:

In SPOT 2.0 we’ve included notifications that will display on the map view of the app showing upcoming rentals, when your current rental will expire and more. We wanted to put this info front and center to ensure every user knew when they were, and weren’t, supposed to be in a SPOT.

Team SPOT Support:

Team SPOT has always been here to help, via email, phone or messaging. We’ve overhauled the Message Team SPOT tool to ensure that these messages are delivered and seen by a Team SPOT member quicker than ever and that any reported problem during our support hours of 10a-10p is resolved in under 15 minutes.

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