SPOT 2.0 puts a new emphasis on photos in your SPOT listing. Your SPOTs photos will be available to renters prior to purchasing, and will help renters be able to find your SPOT quickly and easily. Many SPOTers mentioned that SPOTs with clear photos were far easier to find and park in (duh!) and our data backs them up, showing that SPOTs with unclear photos make up over half of our refunded transactions! Here’s what you need to know about the purpose of the pictures in SPOT 2.0:

Photo #1: Get Close and Clear:

SPOT listings will now require 2 photos, the first of which should be a close up of the SPOT. If there are easily identifiable markers in the space (such as a number on the pavement, a distinctive sign, or something like a tree or a dumpster) be sure to include that in this picture. This picture should reflect the exact SPOT renters are looking for.

Photo #2: Enter Here:

Your second photo should show how a renter can access your SPOT. If it’s in an alley, take a shot from the entrance of the main road. In it’s in a garage, a photo of the garage entrance would prove helpful. Just be sure to shoot this photo from an angle that provides context for how to find this location, such as a storefront on the street, or any signage that would help determine it from others nearby.

New Photos

Place Your “P”:

Use the “P” Marker on each photo you upload to show EXACTLY where renters should be looking. For your close-up shot, place the marker directly in the space. For the photo from the SPOT’s entrance, be sure to drop the marker in the opening of the alley, driveway or garage it’s located in to give renters a clear idea of where to go.



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