Your availability is the most important part of your SPOT listing. How often your SPOT is available will largely dictate the amount of rentals you’ll see and how much money you can make. That being said, obviously not every SPOT is available 24/7 – 365, so we’ve built our new app to be as flexible as you.


Rolling vs. Start/End Dates:

Each new SPOT listing is defaulted to be available on a “rolling” basis. This means that the SPOT won’t expire on a specific date. However, Owners are able to choose a specific start and end date for their SPOT listing to be active. Within your SPOT details, you can set that under Rental Listing Period (see picture below).

New SPOT listings also have an exposure of 3 months by default. This means that renters can book your SPOT up to 3 months in advance.  Within the same page, you can edit your exposure time as well (our reports have shown Owners are typically okay with an exposure of 3 months). This way, even though your SPOT may be available for a year, renters will only be able to book it 3 months ahead.

Listing Period


Editing your availability by day of the week is super simple. When you tap into the availability options under the Rental Rates portion of the listing process, simply deselect any days of the week your SPOT won’t be available. You can also set specific hours for each day of the week in order to suit your individual schedule!


Scheduler Screen

Event Availability:

Unfortunately, we don’t provide the flexibility to set single dates for more than one at a time. We do suggest that if there is an event coming up, or a recurring one (such as you live near Fenway or the Garden, creating a duplicate listing at a premium price and toggling them on and off, as needed. Obviously, be sure that you don’t have both your regular priced listing and your premium listing available at the same time, as you don’t want to get double booked!

Another example of event-based availability some SPOTers have inquired about is a recurring event on a non-weekly or monthly basis. For example “every other Tuesday” or “the 3rd week of each month”. While we obviously wanted to account for every scenario possible, we also wanted to keep the interface as simple as possible. For the time being, SPOT owners with these quirky availabilities will need to contact us at [email protected]. We’ll assign an account manager to handle your account and availability details. We can be as hands on or hands off as you request, as long as we get everything just right for your SPOT.


Hiding Your SPOT:

One of our favorite improvements of the new app is the ability to hide your SPOT. We understand that there may be sudden occurrences where you need your SPOT but don’t want to permanently remove it from the marketplace. Hiding your SPOT allows you to take your SPOT off the market until you’re ready to rent it out again! There’s just a simple toggle labeled: Active (see the top right of the screen below). When it’s green, you’re SPOT is “active” or available to be rented. When it’s off, your SPOT won’t be shown to renters. This toggle will also remain off if you’re listing is missing any key information such as photos or prices. How easy is that?More Info Required

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