Everything You Need To Know About SPOT Promo Codes!

One of our favorite new features with the launch of SPOT version 2.0 is the addition of promo codes. We love giving away free stuff, and really, what’s better than free parking? Other than free ice cream, of course…

So, how do they work?

Promo codes can be used for any transaction, no matter the size or type. However, they’re only valid once per person.

One other important thing to note is that there are no leftovers 🙁 This means that if you use a $15 promo code on a $5 rental, you’re basically missing out on $10 worth of free parking! So, lesson learned… Don’t waste your freebies!

Promocodes confirm screen

Ok, great! But how do I use one?

Once you’re ready to book a SPOT in the app, you’ll be taken to a Confirmation screen. Towards the top and next to the price, click the green ‘enter promo code’ link. It’s really that simple!


Sweet! Anything else I should know about?

Of course… Referral Codes make it easy for you to share your very own promo code with friends and family. They get free parking, and better yet, so do you!!! #ParkEasier.

Not a user yet? Not to worry. Download the app, below.

get spot button

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