Being able to reserve the SPOT you want is obviously essential to SPOT; if you can’t find the space that works for you, then what use would you have for us? We’ve made it easier than ever to filter out the SPOTs you don’t want and find the ones you do! Our upgraded User Interface also makes things like calculating pricing, communicating with owners and getting to your SPOT simpler than ever. Here’s everything you need to know about finding, and booking, a SPOT in 2.0!


The SPOTs You Want:

Tired of tapping in and out of dozens of SPOT listings looking for “the one”? Simply use the filter settings at the top of the map to whittle down the options to just the ones you want. Filter by available dates, hours of availability and pricing to only show exactly the type of SPOT you’re after. Make sure you’re looking in the right area by using our map to pan around or use the search bar to quickly look for a SPOT a couple neighborhoods away.

FilterPromocodes confirm screenFound It? Book It!Availability Restrictions

SPOT prices are now displayed clearly on the map making finding a SPOT in your price range easier than ever. Once you tap into a SPOT you’ll be given all the details you need,restrictions, instructions and photos. Simply select a date and time you want to park there and tap the “Book” button located near the bottom of the page. Be sure to review your payment & availability details enter a promo code if you’ve got one, and confirm; the SPOT’s all yours!



Recurring Rentals:

Found a SPOT that works for you? You can book most SPOTs at least a couple weeks in advance if not longer. If you know you have a 2:30 appointment every Friday, feel free to book the next few Fridays in advance so that no one else snags your SPOT! Our platform also offers monthly and weekly rentals for users looking to park for more than just a couple hours or days at a time.

Where Do I Go?Rented SPOT Profile

SPOT provides GPS navigation to every SPOT on our platform. Simply head to My Rented SPOTs and select the SPOT you’re looking for directions to. Tap “Navigate To” and you’ll be on your way! SPOT listings also come with a couple of photos to be able to identify the exact SPOT you’re supposed to be parking in and messaging options and contact information for the owner in case you get seriously lost.

Be Safe not Sorry:

SPOT is completely safe and we only work with verified owners and businesses. That said, crappy people exist just about everywhere. Just like you would when you park at the supermarket or at a meter be sure to lock your vehicle before you leave it and take valuable items with you or store them out of sight. Safe SPOTing!

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