Top 3 Navigation Apps

Some people always seem to know where they’re going, they’ve got an innate sense of direction…and then there are the rest of us. Chances are if you drive regularly, you use some sort of navigation app, whether it be Apple Maps, Mapquest or maybe you still rely on a paper map, any way you cut it, directions are sometimes a must. So, to help you get from here to there and #ParkEasier, we’ve rounded up the top rated navigation apps to save you some time and frustration during your commute and beyond.

Best Overall: Google Maps. It’s free, simple to use and gives turn by turn directions, what more could you want? This staple is a favorite among the SPOT team and does everything you need a basic navigation app to do. Along with driving directions it will also provide walking, cycling and public transport options. It falls short on it’s traffic reporting and doesn’t warn of speed detection cameras.

google map

Best for Avoiding Traffic: Waze.  This free navigation app gives you the inside scoop on traffic, cops, accidents and detours thanks to crowdsourced information. Users can enter details into the app as they pass something other drivers might care to know about, giving you the most uptodate version of traffic reporting possible! If you’re trying to get somewhere fast, Waze is the way to go. A recent update includes driving directions narrated by Morgan Freeman, who wouldn’t want that!


Best for Road Trips: Roadtrippers. This all in one app allows you to plan a route, book a hotel, and find and save attractions. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or full blown cross country road trip, this app will make discovering local gems a breeze and getting to them even easier. To top it all off, Roadtripper is free to download and use!


Whether you’re just trying to get to work quickly, or taking your time seeing the country, driving shouldn’t be a chore. Enjoy the ride, stay on track and don’t forget that once you reach your destination, always #ParkEasier.

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