Back to School Essentials

August 19, 2017 - 2 minutes read

As August inches to a close and the city begins to murmur with the return of students, the yearly tradition of stocking up on back to school essentials starts. A tradition that most college students say they have outgrown hangs in the air as they decide what should line the pockets of their backpacks. While some of us at SPOT have said goodbye to our college days, others still tread through and are here to tell you the go to items to purchase.

While most people would think twice about buying a small calendar/agenda (hello smartphone calendar) writing down assignments, not to mention social plans, can really help keep your schedule clear. Just the act of writing down your tasks can actively help you better remember them rather than typing them into a phone.

Spring for a sturdy backpack that will last you through the year. Pro tip: buy one that is a little smaller so you can use it as a purse when you head into the city or an overnight bag when you spend the night at a friend’s.

Pens & Pencils
Really. This shouldn’t even have to be stated, but many forget to bring these essentials with them to class. By the second day, the famous “Can I borrow a pen?” will be left ringing in your ears.

Reusable Water Bottle
Most colleges in the city are opting out of selling plastic water bottles for high tech water fountains. Make sure to carry around a canteen to stay hydrated. Make them fall’s new it item.

Mini Stapler
This will be a lifesaver. All I’m going to say is, how many times have you walked into class ready to turn in a final paper thinking you could staple it in the classroom, to be told “there’s no stapler here?”

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