Get a Fenway Frank: We’ve been saying it for weeks, but Fenway Park’s opening day really is just around the corner. The Red Sox will take the field against the Baltimore Orioles on Monday April 11th. Fenway is a major destination for both locals and out-of-towners, with each game drawing up to 37,000 people.  Although it sounds like a lot of Sox Fans, don’t hesitate in purchasing tickets for the 2016 season! Once you’re there, don’t forget to grab a Fenway Frank!


Take a Boat Ride: A Swan Boat ride that is! On April 19th the Swan Boats in the Boston Public Garden will be up and running again. There’s nothing is better than sitting back and relaxing while the boats glide across the pond, but don’t close your eyes, you’ll definitely want to take some photos of the blooming gardens! This is a fun outing for the entire family that won’t hurt your wallet. Tickets for adults are $3 and only $1.50 for children ranging from 2-15.

Watch the Boston Marathon: April 18th marks the 120th Boston Marathon. Marathon Monday is one of The City’s largest events of the year, drawing  in 500,000 spectators who watch and cheer on the  36,000 runners from all around the globe. Although the race start times range from 9:17 AM to 11:15 AM, some spectators are out setting their lawn chairs up at 5 AM. Regardless of if you’ve posted up at the Finish Line on Boylston or are catching the race at Heartbreak Hill near Boston College, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing day cheering on the best runners from Boston and beyond. If you want to see the winners of the Boston Marathon, the Boston Discovery Guide has some tips for you!


Head to the Big Apple: No, not New York City, The Big Apple Circus! It will run from now until May 11th for its 36th season in Boston’s City Hall Plaza. As someone who still remembers her first trip to the Big Apple Circus, I can assure you that it’s an extremely exciting and unforgettable night for you and your kids! You can find more information and tickets here!

Watch the Flowers Bloom: Although the beginning of spring in Boston can be a bit rainy, by the middle of April the flowers in Boston are in full bloom. Take a stroll through the Boston Gardens or the Boston Commons to see a wide variety of types and colors of flowers. My personal favorites are the Magnolia trees, specifically the ones that line Marlborough Street. Wait for the sun to come out, grab an iced coffee, and take a quiet walk down Boston’s back streets for a relaxing spring afternoon.


Hop on a Bike: Need some time off of your feet? Why not grab a bike? Don’t worry, you don’t have to bring your own. Here in Boston, hundreds of people, including myself, utilize the Hubway bikes located all over the city. Rent one of the bikes for 24 hours or for as long as a whole year! You may need to allot some time for the rain to pass, but in a few weeks you could be biking all over the city. To find a bike dock near you, click here!


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