Apps for Broke College Students

October 18, 2016 - 3 minutes read

You’re a full time student and you have a non-paid internship and a minimum wage part time job and you have more than once come up with ingenious ways to heat up your 97-cent ramen because you can’t afford to pay for a microwave.

me last week

me last week

You are broke.

And I am here to help. There are a number of apps out there designed to help people make extra money on the side, -don’t think this is an invitation to drop out of college this is only meant to ease you out of the poor student blues.

On fiverr you can use any of your skills to complete a gig. List your services and start getting requests;

Thats right. I know memes

Thats right. I know memes

categories can range from graphic design to digital marketing and proofreading. If graphic design is your passion make a fiver to help somebody else out.

Go Commando and work with big name companies to complete tasks for them on campus. Tasks can range from basic social media to completing surveys. I mean I guess it’d be cool to be a brand ambassador for Coca-Cola.

With Kudzoo, you can get rewarded for getting A’s on your report card. The points you earn from grades can go towards scholarships and discounts so maybe you can finally buy that microwave instead of heating your pizza with a blow dryer.

If you were to decide to only download one app, I would go with ibotta. After grocery shopping, take a picture of your receipt and get free money if it matches the special rebates from your grocery stores.The money can be transferred into gift cards, PayPal or Venmo.

Use Viggle and get paid to browse the Internet. The app identifies what song or movie you may be watching and gives you points that can go towards real money on PayPal.

This is also me last week

This is also me last week

Get paid to get fit with Pact. Commit to eating healthy and working out! If you miss a gym session you are fined $5 and that money is going to someone who stayed on track. If you want to earn money with this app, you need to be self-disciplined… If you are, watch the money come pouring in.

Download SPOT and make money by listing your parking space. Spaces in the Boston are especially limited and if you own a space that you aren’t using people will pay you to use it for an hour and up to a weekend. Take a pic, post it and watch the sharing economy do its magic.



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