Airport Hacks

June 17, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Summer is the season of traveling. While some enjoy the lost hours wondering around airports, immersing themselves in the trinkets that they have to offer, most of us would rather just charter a private jet and arrive in style. We wish. Unless you have a private airstrip, airports are inevitable. SPOT wants to make your traveling as seamless as possible and with these simple hacks, hopefully you won’t feel agitated by the time you board your next flight.

Boarding Pass
Print your boarding pass. With so many lines to get through, you’ll want to minimize wait time. Having your boarding pass ready allows you to skip this line and cut about 20 minutes from your overall airport visit.

For those who want to drink, but are also traveling on a budget, pick up a few nips of your favorite drink. Then, when you’re on the plane, you can mix it with a free juice or soda. Instead of paying $10 for half a cup, you’ll be paying closer to $2.

Bring Your Own Snacks
This runs along the same principle as BYOB. While you might not want to bring a full meal, it’s a good idea to bring snacks for the plane. Most planes offer the classic chips, cookies, and nuts, but when you’re on the move in a new place, it’s good to have some of your favorites on hand.

Download movies ahead of time. You never know what will happen. You might have an unexpected layover,  delayed flight or have to stop randomly to refuel. The point is that while you think your travel times are locked down, you never know what can happen, so come prepared and if disaster ensues, it won’t matter.





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