Activities for Warm Boston Days

February 25, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Friday, February 24 was a record breaking day for Boston. Those who didn’t check the weather were in for quite a shock when they stepped out of their homes in the typical February parka and scarf fashion. Temperatures hit the low 70s and the city’s hibernating inhabitants came out to play (yes, that many people actually live here). Now that it’s warmer out there’s no excuse to get moving. For people who still need an extra boost, here’s a list of our top free outdoor activities.

Take a walk
There’s nothing more relaxing that taking a walk to clear your mind. Studies show that it can be even more beneficial than hitting the gym.

Play tennis in the Boston Common
For all you pro tennis players trying to relive the glory days or those trying tennis out for the first time, the Commons has two large courts. All you need is a racket and some tennis balls.

Visit your local pool
If you live in Eastie, it’s time to submit your application for the community pool. It’s only $30 a year and offers a great alternative to other exercises. A quick google search for non Eastie residents is sure to uncover other public pool locations.

Sign up for Wag
This dog walking app pairs two of the best things in life, dogs and exercise.

Do yoga at the Esplanade
If you keep up with our social media platforms, you’re sure to see that yoga is one of our favorite exercises. It’s relaxing and helps with centering back to yourself, two aspects that are greatly forgotten.

After, treat yourself with ice cream or shaved ice for getting up and out. Food trucks are back for the season and we approve with two thumbs up. 

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