Searching For a SPOT
What's changing when it comes to finding your perfect SPOT.
  • Predictive Searching

    In SPOT’s first version, your thumbs needed to be mighty accurate but after many complaints from a large-handed CEO of ours, we notice the error of our ways. Searches will now populate with popular and recent locations as soon as you start typing.

  • Where are YOU?

    One feature that went underutilized in SPOT 1.0 was location based queries. SPOT 2.0 will use your location to find SPOTs near you by using the arrow located at the the top right of the search map.

  • Where you Need It, When You Need It

    Search for exactly what you need, quickly and easily. SPOT 2.0 allows you to filter by dates, availability and other options with a super simple interface. Instead of displaying all the SPOTs on our marketplace and color coding them to your filter’s parameters, the new SPOT app simply shows you the SPOTs that fit your needs.

Booking A SPOT
It just got a lot easier to lock up your favorite SPOT!
  • No Commitment, No Problem.

    Here at SPOT we believe heavily in flexibility, and so we now allow you to book rentals for as little as half an hour at a time. Running errands? Doing some shopping? Picking up “that friend” who can’t drive themselves home? No problem. Of course if you need longer term parking, we’ve also added additional options to the listing process allowing you to book rentals months in advance and you can always extend or re-book your SPOT.

  • SPOT Profiles

    SPOTers #1 piece of feedback to us was that booking a SPOT was far too complicated process. Our new SPOT profiles feature easier to understand pricing and display important details like photos, ratings and time restrictions more predominantly helping to get your parking taken care of and you on your way.

  • Easy as 1-2-3

    Booking a parking SPOT shouldn’t be hard, and we make sure it isn’t. 3 taps, and you're done. Search. Book. Confirm. 45 seconds later, you’re done worrying about parking and can spend the 20 minutes you used to spend circling the block, fixing your hair, picking up the flowers you would’ve forgotten or catching the opening act you would usually miss.

Listing Your SPOT
More changed with listing a SPOT than any other process within the SPOT app-Find out everything you need to know here!
  • Say Cheese!

    The hardest thing for SPOTers to get used to is finding a parking space in a place they’ve never been to. We’re adding additional photos to make finding a SPOT as simple as possible, and minimizing the amount of times a renter might have to reach out to you for additional help.

  • See What You Need To See

    Whether your SPOT is in an alley or across the street, dropping that little “P” pin in the right place is what is going to enable renters to use our improved navigation features to get to your SPOT. To make that easier, we now display the map in a satellite view, making it easier to see the little things, like a tree your SPOT is next to, or which SPOT in the alley is yours.

  • Suggested Pricing

    How much is your SPOT worth? How the heck should you know? We built in dynamic suggested pricing to help you set your rates based on things like location, other SPOTs in your area and the mood of our Price Analysis Team that is way better at math than regular people like me and you.

  • Explicit Time Restrictions

    Be as picky as you want about when your SPOT is available. A couple hours a day, a couple days a week or just ‘til the end of the week, the choice is yours. Of course the more restrictive your availability, the less appealing your SPOT may be to renters so we suggest keeping it as open as you can :-).

  • Parking Instructions and Disclaimers

    “Nearby Landmarks” proved to be a nearly useless field of information for renters once we implemented navigation, so we’ve replaced that with something Renters and Owners could both use: Instructions. Choose any disclaimers or instructions that apply to your SPOT or of course add custom ones of your own. These notes will display to renters prior to rental to ensure the guy with a Hummer isn’t trying to park in a space sized for a SmartCar and other such issues.

It's All About The Process
With all these new changes, the most obvious ones will be how the app looks and feels and the improved experience throughout.
  • Smooth and Simple

    We’ve obviously made some big design changes in the new version of SPOT. Aside from the introduction of Electric Mint (link to Press Brand Guide) into the color scheme there is a lot about the app experience that is improved. A more conventional left hand navigation, prices directly on the map and 3-D transitions (cause y’know, why not?) make SPOT a little sleeker, simpler and dare we say sexier, than ever.

  • Save Your Work

    We heard from dozens of owners who became frustrated when they would begin a listing only to realize they weren’t sure about how much a SPOT was worth or weren’t home to take photos. Now you can finish a listing without filling in all the details, and take care of the rest when you have the time. Of course these SPOTs won’t be active until you complete them, so be sure to finish up as soon as you get a chance!

  • Improved Customer Support

    Team SPOT is dedicated to making sure you have the easiest parking experience possible. You can reach us by e-mail (link to [email protected]) through the messaging feature within the app or using our online chat tool here on the website (check the bottom right-hand corner). We’re available 10a-10p, everyday of the year. Outside of those hours, we have woefully underpaid interns manning the phones so response times and helpfulness may vary widely depending on how much coffee we’ve rationed out to them ;-).