It seems a lot of people have been talking about parking apps lately, so the question it seems people are always asking us is, “What’s different about you guys?” Seems like a natural question considering we’re all touting ourselves as the answer to your parking issues.

We only deal with Privately Owned Parking SPOTs

Many other apps have decided to try and utilize public parking spaces and others have cut deals with huge corporate garages. We’re not here to judge what other companies do, but we have decided not to do either. We deal with individually owned parking spaces from apartment renters, home-owners and the like. This ultimately brings you fairly priced, easily accessible, safe and responsible parking solutions.

It’s Cashless, It’s Easy, It’s Legal

People still use cash? Who would have thought? We want to make SPOT as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. We’re currently available for iPhone and Android, while also working on developing a web-based version so that it is available to our customers without smartphones. #ParkEasier.

About Our Team

Team SPOT isn't some group of transplants looking to cash in on all this city has to offer. Boston (and all of it’s parking complications) is the city that inspired our founder (an Ohio native who planted his roots here close to a decade ago) to build this app in the first place. We were founded in Boston, we’re headquartered in Boston, and we launched here first. Boston was a great place to launch SPOT since we truly enjoy the abundance of championship parades, the best fireworks in the nation on the 4th and/or being able to entirely neglect a letter from the alphabet.

Our Press