9 Signs You’re an Entrepreneur

July 13, 2016 - 6 minutes read

Everyone dreams of becoming their own boss, but that doesn’t mean everyone should. Becoming a successful business owner requires a specific skill set. Seriously considering owning your company? Here are the 9 sings you’re an entrepreneur:

  1. You Just Do It: Have you ever heard the saying “Don’t talk about it, be about it”? For entrepreneurs, this is their life model. Entrepreneurial spirits make informed decisions quickly. They aren’t necessarily impulsive, but they don’t waste too much time dwelling on the “what if”, nor are they ones to spend most of their time overanalyzing. In order to be an entrepreneur, you get the facts and trust your gut.
  2. You’re Not Too Cocky: Believe it or not, entrepreneurs are not always the most confident people in the world, especially because it takes a while for them to know for sure that their idea is profitable. However, being a little insecure is inherent to being a good entrepreneur. If you aren’t overly confident, you’re always on your toes, and always open to learning new information to insure that your idea takes flight the way you want it to. 9 signs you're an entrepreneur
  3. You Always Have a Plan B: An integral part to being an entrepreneur is knowing how to deal with failure. This is because failure is always a real possibility. If you’re one to get flustered easily by things not going how you planned on the first try, maybe entrepreneurship isn’t for you. Knowing how to pick up the pieces and attack a problem from a different angle, is what sets entrepreneurs apart from other businessmen and women.
  4. You Know How to Share: It’s impossible to build a company from the ground up completely on your own. There are so many aspects of creating a brand, and marketing it to the public, that you need a reliable team by your side to help you along the way, a group of trained professionals whose areas of expertise complement what you bring to the table. After all, teamwork makes the dream work.
  5. You’re a Self-Starter: This goes without saying, but it’s very important to think about. As much as teamwork is vital to entrepreneurship, being self sufficient is crucial. In order to be your own boss, you need to know how to motivate yourself to get things done. Innovation waits for no procrastinator, and without the ability to meet deadlines on your own volition, it’ll be near impossible to get all the things done that you’ll need to to make your dream come true.9 signs you're an entrepreneur
  6. You Understand Balance: Your business is riding on your shoulders, so if you’re not doing well, neither is your company. This is why knowing the importance of the phrase “Work hard, play hard” and carrying it out in your everyday life, is crucial to creating and sustaining a successful enterprise. Burning yourself out by working nonstop, and not placing value on a clear distinction between work and home, can ware on your motivation to get things done. Everyone needs a break, especially when you’re creating a company.
  7. You’re Resourceful: Things are not going to be handed to you in life, especially when no one knows about your company. With that being said, sometimes you’ll find yourself in a pickle when the materials you need to get something done are not readily available to you. It’s imperative that an entrepreneur is crafty, and can use what they do have instead of worrying about what they don’t. It’s a glass half empty or half full type thing.
  8. You Prioritize: There’s a lot of things to do, often in a short amount of time, when you’re trying to get your brand out there. Having a long to do list is inevitable when you’e an entrepreneur, but the most important part is how you tackle your agenda. Trying to get everything done at once is not feasible, so knowing how to organize your schedule, and prioritize the most important or time sensitive tasks, is conducive to being a great CEO.
  9. You’re Passionate: At the end of the day, in order to build your own company, you need to be passionate about the product or service you’re providing. If you’re not passionate about your business, how do you expect an investor to be? Part of being an entrepreneur is being able to pitch your business at any time, not just at a pitch meeting. You never know when you’ll be somewhere with someone who can propel your business forward. Being passionate about your business is crucial in making people believe in the possibility of it.