6 Stats on Millennial Entrepreneurs

November 4, 2016 - 1 minute read


6 Stats on Millennials Entrepreneurs

Millennials, you have no excuse. You now live in a time where we the millennials have the ability to change the world, we have everything we ever needed or wanted at our fingertips. We don’t have the excuse of saying we are too young or not experienced enough.

70.9% of teens say they are interested in becoming entrepreneurs


54% of the millennials plan to start their own business this year

Stat 2.

Entrepreneurs create 75% of all new jobs in our economy every year


Statistics of entrepreneurs starting their own business:

More free time 20%

<5 Years experience 25%

6-10 years experience 28%

Age 18-35 67%

Stat 4.

Total debt of college students 1 Trillion dollars


88% of college students say entrepreneurship education is vital

74% of college students have no access to entrepreneurship resources on campus

Stat 5.

Less than 1% of entrepreneurs come from extremely rich or extremely poor families


Stat 6.

23% of millennial entrepreneurs started a business as a result of employment

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