4 Apps of the Sharing Economy

July 28, 2016 - 4 minutes read

The sharing economy is an economic model in which individuals borrow or rent assets owned by someone else. Whether you know it or not, it’s likely that one of the apps on your phone that follow this economic model. Currently Uber, Airbnb, and Lyft are in the lead, but they aren’t the only ones benefitting from individuals’ desire to loan out the things they don’t use in order to make some extra. Here are 4 apps of the sharing economy:

sharing economy apps

DogVacay: You love your dog like family, but it’s impossible to take them everywhere with you. DogVacay makes the process of a finding a sitter more convenient. This app allows pet owners to leave their dogs in the hands of loving sitters for a week, a day, or just for a few hours. Your experience is complete with pet insurance, a 24/7 customer service hotline, and daily photo updates of how much fun your dog, and their new friend, are having. For information, click here.

Spinlister: The explanation of this app’s function is in their slogan: “The global bike share.” Have more bikes than you need, or just one you never use? Make some extra cash by renting out your bike on Spinlister’s app or website. In 90 seconds or less, post a picture of your bike, pricing, and accessories that come along with it. Users in the area can search through local bike listings and choose the one that best fits their needs. Pretty easy, huh? For more information on how you can list or rent a bike, click here.

sharing economy apps

Vayable: It can be nice to explore a new city on your own, but there are definitely downsides to flying solo in a new terrain. What if you get lost? How will you find all the best places to eat? Or the fun bars that only the locals know about? That’s where Vayable comes in. Book a tour with a local expert in cities around the world. If you feel like you could pay it forward, show someone around the place that you call home and sign up as a host! Find more information on Vayable’s website.

Bark ‘N’ Borrow: Are you an avid dog lover, but not ready to take the plunge and get a dog of your own? You’re in luck. With this app, connect with cute pups in your area, or if you have a dog, set up a puppy play date for you pet! Not only do you get the chance to spend your free time with a dog, you could be helping out a busy dog owner who’s looking for a break. The goal of Bark ‘N’ Borrow is not to connect dogs with loving sitters, but instead, connect full-time dog lovers with a part-time K-9 companion. For more information, click here .

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